Saturday, 14 October 2017

Minor/Major: Fairy Door Animatic Test

An animatic for one of the scenarios to see if they 'work' or not.


Minor/Major: Scenario Ideas

Context: Catcher goes out into the woods/forest to catch a Fairy, using the advice from a Narrator.


Fairy Ring
  • Catcher approaches a Fairy Ring full with equipment
  • Cute innocent Fairy appears out of the Ring, coaxes Catcher towards her.
  • Catcher turn back to Narrator
  • With back turned Fairy drags the Catcher into the Fairy Ring, tooth and claw, scraping
  • (Either)
    • Catcher escapes shredded
    • Catcher head lands out of the ring
  • Narrator comments on mistake.

Fairy Door
  • Catcher places fake door at base of tree, hides
  • Fairy notices door, knocks, enters.
  • Catcher surprised, knocked on door, Fairy answers and slams door in face.
  • Catcher forces his way in. Noises of clatter.
  • Fairy opens door and leaves tree. Picks up the door and (Either)
    • walks off laughing
    • leans against the tree giggling
  • Leaving the Catcher stuck in the tree with only his eyes visible in a hold in the tree.

Fairy Music
  • Catcher please radio down playing, hides with net.
  • Fairy comes in dancing to the music, as Catcher tries to Net the fairy, the fairy dodges out of the way as it dances.
  • Fairy jumps over to turn radio louder. Catcher turns down. The two have a switch contest as they both try to turn up and down. After an angry pause the Fairy slams the Radio on the Catcher's head and continues to dance.

Fairy Picnic
  • The Catcher sets up a Picnic of cakes and teas. Catcher hides with a doubly long Net.
  • The Fairy comes along sits and eats the cakes and teas happily
  • Catcher slowly moves the net over to the unaware Fairy.
  • Fairy, while eating, grabs the Net, and pulls and twirls forward and backward, slamming the Catcher on the ground back and forth.

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Minor/Major: Rubber Hose Animation Development Research

Felix the Cat 1920's

Popeye The Sailor


Betty Boop in Snow White 1933

Happy Harmonies 1934-1938

Tales of the Vienna Woods (1934)

Merrie Melodies 1931-1969

A Day at the Zoo (1939)

Chuck Jones


Tex Avery


Thursday, 5 October 2017

Minor/Major: How to Catch a Fairy Potential Scenario Ideas

Here are some scenarios I thought that could be used of the Catcher attempting to Catch the Fairy.

­­Catcher comes home, Fairy is in the House, with the house in disarray.
Narrator on Radio, How to Catch a Fairy

1. Wreath of Herbs/Marigolds
⦁ Catcher informed to put a wreath up on his door to repel fairies
⦁ Put the wreath up on the door, closes door
⦁ Fairy is behind the door, angry, Opens the door, grabs the wreath and slams it over the Catcher, and kicks him out.

2. Iron Poker
⦁ Catcher comes into House, sees Fairy in front of the fireplace
⦁ Instructed that Fairies hate/weak to Iron
⦁ Sneakily grabs the poker from the fire place, confronts the Fairy
⦁ Fairy snatches it from the Catcher and forces him back into the fire, which catches his trousers and he runs out.
⦁ The Narrator informs that unfortunately the Fire Poker was Brass

3. Drawers
⦁ The Fairy is sat on the counter opening Drawers, The Catcher comes in and closes the drawers
⦁ The Fairy and the Catcher end up in a 'close, open' contest glaring at each other
⦁ After an angry pause, The Fairy opens a cupboard door behind them, slams into the Catchers face, Opens the drawer and slams the Catchers Hand in the drawer, before running off giggling leaving the Catcher in pain.

4. Picnic/Cake Stand
⦁ Narrator inform that Fairies are attracted to sweet treats. Catcher leaves out a cake stand/picnic on the kitchen table
⦁ He hides quickly outside and peers in through the window, Fairy comes in, eyes wide at the cakes and jellies, begins to eat
⦁ The Catcher pokes through a large long fish/butterfly net, slowly moving closer to the Fairy who is seemingly unware.
⦁ The Fairy, while still eating, grabs the net, pulls it forward along with the Catcher, and pokes him in the head and pushes him back outside and the window slams shut.

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Minor/Major Project: Style/Tone idea

For the tone of my idea I would like to look at 1920's cartoons and rubber hose animation, which has a more surrealist and feral style of animation.